Saturday, May 30, 2009


As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have a problem with distractions. Once I get going, I’m fine and dandy, but getting there is an issue. There is also a fairly serious issue with me waiting until the last minute that only compounds my problem with distractions. I know that to most people this is a flaw, but some of my prouder moments are pulling some amazing and herculean things off in the time it takes to cook decent chili.

Everyone in academia has to deal with some hugely important exams. From the SATs to the GMATs there is a huge amount of studying to be done. I found 2 new programs. I have a mac, so PC users, better luck next time. One is called Freedom; it will block your internet for however long you tell it too. Having a shameful addiction to celebrity gossip I know I spend a disturbing amount of time flipping between my gossip rags of choice. The other program, which I am joyfully using right now, is write room. It is just a screen and a cursor. I don’t think I have paid for a piece of software since someone else was footing my bills, but I’m seriously thinking about shelling out the 25$ for this when my 30 days are over.

I have my cumulative exams coming in 2 months. They will test just about everything I have supposedly learned in graduate school. That means I have 2 months to relearn, and in many cases learn everything that has passed in front of me for the past two years. I’m feeling pretty good about things today.
I’ve almost started.

Does anyone have some ass to the chair tips that have worked for them?

Oh, and I bought a bike.